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In the summer of 2014, a Sky TV production team spent a number of weeks in the summer filming a new comedy series called “After Hours”, starring Ardal O’Hanlon, John Thomson and Jaime Winstone. The series, directed by Craig Cash (star and co-writer of “The Royle Family”), was first aired on Sky 1 in the Autumn of 2015. Filmed almost entirely in Lymm, the village morphs into the setting of Shankly in Nottinghamshire, which has hit hard times. The plot is centred around a late night radio show which is broadcast from a barge, moored on (as we know it) the Bridgewater canal, on the over-pass up from Lymm Chippy by the Youth and Community Centre.
So why is this of particular interest to the Lymm Photographic Society you might ask…..
A number of people who have seen the series have commented on how splendid the village looks through Sky’s photography. Whilst many of the backdrops in the series are shots that any of our members could probably take of the village, the pièce de résistance (photographically) from the series is Sky’s plentiful use of aerial shots of the village, taken using a video camera mounted on an octocopter, a professional drone with eight propellers.
Working in partnership with Sky 1’s production team and their publicist Alex Wood, the Lymm Photographic Society is pleased to have been given permission to reproduce some of these special aerial shots on its web-site.
Why have we done this?
1. Although our web-site and our Flickr page (link) include members’ photographs of Lymm, it is unlikely that any of our members would be able to take such photographs
2. To provide a hosting base for these interesting and usual photos of the village to make them accessible to villagers who may not have seen the series or to other Lymm community groups, which we encourage to link to the photos.

Link that may be of interest - can you spot some of the locations used?
Sky “After Hours” press pack -
Click here or on the Polaroid stack to see the Aerial Photo Gallery.
Whilst the Lymm Photographic Society is all about encouraging villagers to pick up their cameras and develop their photographic skills, it does also have a community support role and tries to get involved in Lymm “happenings”. This web-page of unique photos of Lymm is in support of just such an event.
Working with Sky 1 we are pleased to present a few interesting images of Lymm. How did these images come to be taken and why are they on the Lymm PS website? Read “More Information” below the photos…
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