Lymm Photographic Society - History of the Society
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A brief hostory of the club

The foundation of the Lymm Photographic Society is down to one man, a local villager called Dave Teehan.
The story goes that Dave wandered into a pub in Lymm one day in 2010 where he happened upon a group of people enjoying a drink, with their cameras, bemoaning the fact that the village did not have its own camera club. So Dave decided to set one up!
With no previous experience of camera clubs, Dave enlisted the help of the Lymm Blog to spread the word. Assisted by Carol Sparkes, a seasoned camera club committee member and with the help from Jan and Steve Hodson and Anne Tidswell, who all put themselves forward to help, the founding Committee was formed …..and, with additional support from other villagers and additionally members of bigger camera clubs helping, the rest, as they say, is history. We also owe a great debt to Des Hawley who assumed the role of our first full term President.
We are also indebted to Alan Taylor, a founding member, for his fantastic design work for the Society’s most excellent logo.
Dave Teehan
Alan Taylor