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Breaking news......New Projector! New screen! ... and they both look fantastic. We’ve now tried out our brand new short-throw projector and massive screen, and as one committee member said, “it’s just like being at the cinema”. We hope our members will be equally impressed...come along and see them both in action for yourself.

Breaking news......see 30 of our members’ photographs in the new “Wheels and the Water Book” by Alan Williams and Alan Taylor (and we thank them for their contribution to our projector fund).

Breaking news......huge gratitude to the Parish Council for their fantastic grant towards our new projector fund.


BTW you can always ‘meet’ us via our rolling

  Exhibition in Lymm Library

... and look out for our posters on the village notice-boards just before our next meeting.

If you have comments, questions or would like to come along to one of our meetings to try us out, please drop us a line at contact@lymmphotosoc.org.uk

Thanks for visiting and please enjoy your stay.

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